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My name is Georgia, and I was once one of the girls at the Home. When I came here, I was a very angry and confused teenager. My life was upside down and I wanted to strike out at every and any person I could, but the houseparents were so patient with me and loved me like their own. Here I learned to be responsible for my actions, to stay on budget, to keep a clean household--but most of all, was given enough confidence that when I left here I knew I was going to be able to make it on my own, Now I have a good career and I still manage my own household like they taught me oh so many times.

The Girls Home didn't only save me from the streets, they saved my ife! Any girl that stays here has a rare opportunity that most children in our situation don't get—they not only get structure that we need to succeed in life, they also get a family.

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